The New 3 Liter Spring Bottle

“The Water Guy”TM announced the launch of its first 3 liter spring bottle for water delivery on May 1st. The 3 liter spring bottle is designed to give customers yet another way to drink water.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports “that water consumption rates among many adults is below recommended levels – at least 50 percent of the U.S. population is under-consuming liquids. A common misconception is that people ingest a lot of their daily water intake from food. But scientists disagree, stating food accounts for only about 20 percent of our water intake.”

The new 3 liter spring bottle will play an important role in helping our on-the-go customers meet their hydration needs. The space saving bottle provides smaller apartments, homes and offices with a high-end water option. This easy to handle bottle is perfect for refilling office coffee machine reservoirs, to ensure quality-tasting coffee. The bottles portability travels well for camping, tailgating or picnicking.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about our new product.

  • “The 3 liter was a perfect addition to our refrigerator and was extremely easy to handle. The bottle has a great look. I even placed it out on my dining table instead of our usual pitcher of water when we had guests over for dinner.” -Ashley Stufflet
  • “I use the water to refill the office single serve brewer! It’s a size that is very easy to handle and store.” -Cindy Stutzman
  • “The new bottle size is handy to use because it has a very nice hand grip on the bottle, which makes the bottle less cumbersome to pour. The bottle takes up less space in my refrigerator.” -Nancy Schnader

The 3 liter spring bottle will be packaged in a case of 6 bottles for $8.99.




$1 off 3 liter spring case









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