4 Great Ways to Get the Word Out about Your 5K Fundraiser

5K runnersIf you are running a 5K race for charity (or any other fundraiser), getting the word out is important. After all, if things don’t go well, the children at that hospital or the animals at those shelters won’t get the help that they need. So success isn’t just a desire – it’s a necessity! But how do you ensure those wanting to participate find out about your race? Here are some of the best ways to make sure that your event gets the attention it needs:

1.  Get Custom Labels for the Water Bottles at Your Hydration Stations – When organizing a 5K, you have to have hydration stations at strategic points with lots of water available for the runners. Why not make sure that the water also gets the word out? With custom labels for the water bottles at your specific event, you can ensure that anyone who walks away from the race with a bottle in hand is also conveying your mission to the world! This is especially useful if you are intending to hold runs in the future, but even a one-time event will benefit from custom labels, as they will still encourage people to donate to the charity.

"your logo here" on water bottle

2.  Spread the word through Social Media – Social media is always a good way to let people know about a fundraiser; it’s free, fast, and infinitely shareable! On the other hand, if you only let your friends and family members know and most of them don’t share the information, you won’t get much of a turnout. The key is to contact groups that are related to the benefiting charity. For instance, if the cause is Autism, contacting research groups and non-profits, educational associations, youth social programs, etc. and getting their support will provide you access to their broad group of followers. Don’t forget to contact local running clubs; there are plenty of runners who might prefer that their weekend run benefits a worthy cause.

3.  Get Some Media Coverage – While you could always advertise the race traditionally through banners, TV and radio advertisements, you could go a step further and actively try to get some media attention. Write a press release and e-mail it to media outlets in your area. It just might snag you a magazine or newspaper article or mention or (best case scenario) get you a whole feature story on the local nightly news.

4.  Find Sponsors Related to Your Charity – Sometimes, having a well-recognized logo associated with your 5K will do the trick! Contact small businesses in your area, local chain branches, large companies, and any other business that might be interested in your charity, and see if they would be willing to contribute. Of course, it’s great if they simply donate to your cause and allow you to display their branding, but it’s even better when they actively do some PR for the event. See which of your sponsors would be willing to run a short ad or display signs in their places of business announcing the run. After all, supporting a charity makes businesses look good, so it’s often in their best interest to let everyone know they are doing it!

Customized water bottles and smart advertising are just some of the ways that you can make your 5K a smashing success and help your favorite charity succeed! Contact us at “The Water Guy”™ to find out more about custom water labels!