5 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Beverage Service

We all need water and coffee to get through the day, but sometimes, it just doesn’t hit the spot. Occasionally, you want something more interesting. But who wants to pay Starbucks’ prices to get it? Especially when you can just be creative with your beverage service at the job?

At “The Water Guy”TM, we want our clients to get the most out of the services and products that we provide. In that spirit, here are our recommendations for ways to enjoy our beverages to the utmost!

1.  Do Not Just Get Regular WaterYou need regular water coolers for the office, of course, but companies that are really trying to give their workers interesting options will offer things like La Croix, vitamin water and Pellegrino. Vitamin water confers some additional benefits from the antioxidants and minerals in it, as well as making the flavor a little more exciting. Pellegrino is a refreshing choice that infuses some zest into the regular drinking experience. If you aren’t in charge of ordering these items, ask whoever is about the possibility of adding them to your service or throw a note in the suggestion box. Talk to co-workers and get their support ahead of time so that your company sees the benefit.

Pellegrino and vitamin water

2.  Mix Coffee and Hot Chocolate – What could be better than a combination of your two favorite things, chocolate and coffee? This is a rich alternative to just having either beverage. The flavors work well together and the sweetness of the chocolate will balance out any bitterness from the coffee without the need for additional sugar. However, it is worth noting that this drink is strong. It is probably a good idea to water it down extra or add some cream to taste.

3.  Bring in Some Coffee Toppings – One of the easiest ways to make your morning coffee seem like a fancy drink from a café is to add some toppings. This usually works best with flavored coffees that have some sweetener in them, such as vanilla or hazelnut. Try bringing in whipped cream and throwing a dollop onto your coffee – it would go perfectly with a seasonal option like our pumpkin pie flavor! Or pick up some shakable toppings like chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, or even coconut flakes. Remember to lock up these supplies, label them, or make an agreement with co-workers to switch who brings them in.

4.  Combine the Flavors You Have – In addition to putting things on top of your drinks, you could always try combining the flavors you have in the office creatively. For instance, if you have a caramel coffee, you could throw in a pinch or two of salt; also, our hazelnut creamers would work wonders with a coconut macaroon flavored coffee and vanilla creamer would go great with a fudge coffee. The combinations don’t have to be too exotic – they just have to reflect what you are in the mood for!

cup of tea with cream5.  Have your Tea British-Style – When we threw all that tea into Boston Harbor, we must have also decided to eschew the way our colonial overlords drank it. At the very least, most of us don’t take it with milk anymore. Meanwhile, the English actually spend time debating whether the milk should be added to the mug before the steeped tea or after. If you’re a tea drinker and you want a change from your standard routine, mix it up with more than just sugar, try adding some milk or creamer. Now, keep in mind, the British have rules for how long to steep, how hot the water should be, etc., and you can follow some of them by using your microwave oven and paying attention. Will it be quite up to their standards? Maybe not, but if it tastes good to you, who cares?

These are some of our favorite ways to inject some extra life into your beverage service. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments!