5 Misconceptions About Water Delivery Service

misconceptions about water delivery service

How much do you really know about your water delivery service? Sure, everyone has heard the myths about water delivery, but, have you heard the truths? Let us bring you the purest facts about water delivery service just as we have brought you the purest water for the past 26 years.

Misconception #1: “Water delivery costs too much.”
Anyone can start service for as low as $8.00. That’s right, you can hydrate for eight dollars! Under our Hydr8 for Eight program, you can begin water delivery service with a cooler rental for $8. We are a competitively priced company with several options and plans to fit your budget. Contact us to see just how competitive our pricing is!

_JH17633Misconception #2: “Water coolers are only appropriate in offices.”
Our thousands of residential customers will tell you just how convenient their water coolers are in their homes. We offer room temperature, cold and hot water dispensing options on our coolers providing several options in your kitchen. To make the lifting easier, we offer 3-gallon bottles that are much lighter than our 5-gallon options. For those who prefer not to lift a bottle at all we offer bottom-load coolers that allow the customers’ bottle to be changed by sliding the bottle into a lower compartment. Our most popular water coolers combine these features by offering two different water temperatures and matching a sleek finish with digital display or a built-in cup holders.

home bottled water delivery serviceMisconception #3: “I need to be home for my delivery… and I just don’t have time for that.”
You do not have the time to be home, waiting for a delivery every few weeks. And that is okay, you don’t have to be home. All you need to do is leave your bottles where we are able to find and access them. When you come home, we’ll have your empty bottles replaced with full gallons of the purest water. Our Route Salesmen are quiet and professional… you shouldn’t even notice that we were there!

Misconception #4: “Water delivery companies ONLY offer bottled water.”
We exist to help you find your water solution, whether that be through filtration, case water, or bottled water and coolers. We offer all of this, as well as custom label water bottles AND an expanding coffee service. We’ll install and service your filtration device, regularly. Our coffee customers also enjoy exceptional service in that these customers are assigned to a coffee specialist who will assist the customer in making purchasing decisions based off of our best values and new varieties of coffee. Check out our filtration or coffee service!

Misconception #5: “I don’t drink enough water in order to justify a water delivery service.”
You may not realize how much you and the rest of your household or office truly drink. Many individuals consume most of their water via the foods they eat. Whether you use our room temperature dispensing option for cooking in your home or hot dispensing for your coffee or instant soup, we are sure to have a cooler option to justify your needs. After all, water is the most abundant compound in the human body, we all need it and drinking adequate amounts of water can help decrease your risk of many ailments.

Something so simple as water delivery has plenty of myths and misconceptions associated with it. We hope that these truths have shed some light on the water delivery service you may be considering.