9 Tips to Making Smarter Beverage Choices

9 tips to making smarter beverage choices

Nearly half of Americans consume sugary or artificially sweetened beverages, like soda, on a daily basis. Drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. Replacing sugary drinks with water will not only save you calories but will also help decrease your risk of developing these diseases.

Are you ready to start making smarter beverage choices, but don’t know where to begin? We are here to help. Below are 9 tips to help you make smarter beverage choices and reduce your sugary drink intake.

  1. Start by trying to substitute just one sugary drink a day with water. This small change could save you 1200 calories a week and up to 15 lbs. a year!
  1. When you do opt for a sugary drink, look for a smaller portion size. A 20 oz. bottle of soda contains 2.5 servings and is around 240 calories. Opt for an 8-oz can, which contains about 100 calories.
  1. Make the decision to drink only water with all meals.
  1. Don’t stock your fridge with sugary drinks. Replace them with bottled water.
  1. Invest in bottled water delivery service for your home to ensure you are always fully stocked with water.
  1. Dilute sports drinks and juice with water to enjoy the sweetness with half the guilt.
  1. Make water more exciting by using fruits, vegetables and herbs to give it the extra burst of flavor you may be looking for.
  1. If you like the fizzle soda provides, give La Croix Sparkling Water a try. La Croix has the fizzle and flavor you’re looking for, without the calories, sugar, sodium or artificial sweeteners. With several La Croix mock-tail type recipes available, you are sure to stumble upon one you enjoy. “The Water Guy” will deliver La Croix directly to your doorstep so you can keep your fridge fully stocked with this smarter beverage option.
  1. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you at work or on the go. It will not only keep you hydrated but will also help you resist the urge of purchasing a sugary drink while out and about.

These tips will help you make smarter beverage choices and live a healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet consists of everything you intake, both what you eat and what you drink. We encourage you to rethink your drink before it is consumed.