With a continued focus on sustainability, “The Water Guy”™ has undergone several changes and procedures over the years. In 2014, “The Water Guy”™ earned the International Bottled Water Association ‘s “National Environmental Stewardship Award.” This prestigious award recognizes member companies who have excelled in creating and implementing sustainable environmental projects and conservation measures.


blue recycle image“The Water Guy”™ has made a commitment to instituting a 100% plastic and cardboard recycling program in the manufacturing process. The program involves an all out effort by all employees in manufacturing and warehousing. Gaylord boxes are set up in specific areas within the facility in order to gather all the recyclable material. In partnership with a recycling company, “The Water Guy”™ has been able to successfully recycle 99.9% of recyclable plastics and cardboard.

Paperless Movement

Recycling paperless Leaves RotateCommitted to reducing the carbon footprint, “The Water Guy”™ has instituted a large scale paperless movement. By eliminating printed receipts upon delivery and investing in new technology that captures and transfers signatures from a handheld to invoice, “The Water Guy”™ has already made significant improvements. The Customer Service Team and Marketing Department focus on encouraging email invoicing and electronic newsletters for customers.


Zero-Waste Water Bottles

five gallon water jugWhen you purchase “The Water Guy”™ returnable bottles, you help preserve the environment. Once “The Water Guy”™ water bottles have exceeded their useful life (35-45 washes), they are recycled. The recycled material is used to make items like carpet fibers and packaging products. No landfills – ever.

“The Water Guy”™ always encourages the use of 5 and 3 gallon returnable water bottles, as they are the most environmentally friendly bottled water package currently available. Questions about BPA, visit the FDA’s website for more information.

Route Realignment

water delivery truck“The Water Guy”™ undergoes route realignments in order to optimize transportation. The Logistics team is able to maximize route days by minimizing drive time and optimizing deliveries. Investing in new software has allowed live feedback from routes and live dispatching. The live dispatching feature on the handheld device reduces specials, decreases mileage and ultimately provides better customer satisfaction. A recently initiated preorder system with all one-way products reduces unnecessary products loaded onto the trucks, allowing for lighter trucks and less emissions being used.

Shared Energy Applications

shared energy imageThe heat produced in “The Water Guy”™ bottling plant from equipment like compressors and the steam distillation unit is filtered and vented back into the warehouse to provide thousands of BTUs of supplemental heat, further reducing the use of the traditional heating system. The windows in the facility are treated with radiant insulation and a reflection compound, while the dock doors are equipped with high-speed open and close technology. These efforts increase overall energy efficiency and reduce the amount of heating and cooling required.

Ground Water Stewardship

hands holding earth in stewardship

Committed to protecting renewable water resources, all of “The Water Guy”™ spring water is captured at the source. The springs have undergone significant hydrogeological evaluations to assess any potential impact on area ground water levels and stream flows. Developed state-of –the-art techniques treat the waste water that would traditionally be discharged to sanitary waste. The new technology treats the water, meeting Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection standards and re-introduces it into the environment.

Sustainable Water Conservation

blue water splash isolated on white background

Our bottling plant uses an ultra efficient European cleaning method to reduce water usage when cleaning returned empty bottles. We have instituted a sophisticated application, Ozone (O3), to significantly reduce the use of chemical agents and cleaners, like chlorine, when sterilizing our water pipes, storage tanks and finished products.


Water Sense

water sense logo“The Water Guy”™ is a supporter of the Environmental Protection Agency’s awareness program “WaterSense.” The program rallies around awareness of simple steps to save water and protect the environment. “The Water Guy”™ encourages these same principles by promoting water conservation and environmental responsibility on our website and social media outlet. Check out their website to see how you too can help reduce water waste.