Why consider promotional marketing products?

Promotional marketing products are useful items imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, contact information, message or offer. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising, marketing and branding for companies. Helping to establish your brand and increase sales, promotional marketing products help companies keep top of mind with their customers. You can also gain […]

Coffee Brewer Cleaning

Every morning, you may find yourself standing in the crowded office kitchen while waiting to fill your cup with some freshly brewed coffee. But, have you ever wondered when the last time was that the very same brewer that just brewed your coffee was cleaned? We recommend cleaning your coffee brewer weekly. Coffee brewer cleaning […]

Cookie Dough Marketing: The Custom Label Theory

Like ice cream, companies survive by standing out. Placing your branding on a water bottle creates a great product that is unique, useful, and affordable. Your custom label water bottles will become the handout of choice at your next industry event or the favorite corporate giveaway. Vanilla ice cream isn’t bad but it sure doesn’t […]

World Water Day 2017: Wastewater

“The Water Guy”TM is a proud supporter of World Water Day 2017 and recognizes the importance of clean and sustainable water supplies. Celebrated annually on March 22nd, the United Nations sponsored event focuses attention on the importance of fresh water. The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “why wastewater.” Over 663 million people […]

Weather Alert – Tuesday, March 14th

The northeastern states are currently experiencing a winter storm, which is bringing heavy snowfall to the area. “The Water Guy”™ is closed as weather conditions are expected to get worse as the day progresses. We are doing our best to serve all our customers in a timely fashion while being mindful of everyone’s safety. Please […]