Fun, Healthy Alternatives for Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween is approaching and soon children will be walking through your neighborhood dressed as superheroes, princesses, witches and ghosts. It is time to start considering what you plan on handing out this Halloween season to your trick-or-treaters. With kids receiving an abundance of sweet treats and sugary candy this time of year, you may want […]

Now Delivering Hint Water!

Do you need a little extra flavor added to your life? “The Water Guy” is now delivering Hint® Water. It may just be the flavor you were looking for to add a new twist to your daily water-drinking routine. Hint® Water is all-natural unsweetened essence water, that provides a healthy alternative to sweetened and artificially […]

How Water Quality Affects Coffee Taste

Water can transform the character and taste of your coffee. If you cannot figure out why your coffee is not up to café standards, your water might be worth investigating. Water makes up 98-99% of coffee, while the remaining 1-2% is brew solids that are extracted from the ground coffee. Water plays a significant role […]

9 Tips to Making Smarter Beverage Choices

Nearly half of Americans consume sugary or artificially sweetened beverages, like soda, on a daily basis. Drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. Replacing sugary drinks with water will not only save you calories but will also help decrease your risk of developing these diseases. Are […]

Why Hydrate Skin from the Inside Out?

We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water is important for our overall health, but did you know, drinking water is also the most natural way to get glowing, healthy skin? Without adequate water intake, your skin can appear duller, while making your wrinkles and pores more prominent. From helping your skin maintain […]