Water Delivery to NYC

With the United States facing high rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, drinking water to stay healthy is becoming increasingly more important. Today, it is easier than ever to keep water conveniently stocked, with water delivery service for both residents and businesses. “The Water Guy”™ is committed to providing convenient, automatic deliveries directly to the door of any condo, apartment or business.

After seeing the potential demand for bottled water products in areas such as New York, brothers Bryan and Doug Shinn began “The Water Guy”™ in 1990. Celebrating 25 years of business, the brothers are still as involved in the company’s day-to-day operations and are adamant about providing excellent customer service while delivering quality water.

“The Water Guy”™ ensures their water and sleek packaging designs exceed the industry’s quality standards. Operating one of the area’s most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art bottling facilities, “The Water Guy”™ integrates this technology with exceptional water to provide homes and offices with only the highest quality products.

Ideal for both homes and business, we offer various water types and packaging options to choose from. With our Flex Plan, businesses or families can choose a la carte the number of bottles from one delivery to the next. We do not require a set amount of bottles or fixed delivery period fee; you pay for only what you order.

If you are located in New York, “The Water Guy” is equipped to provide your office break rooms and homes with a refreshing, healthy option for hydration. Being a family-owned business that does everything from bottling to treating to transportation ensures customers satisfaction that will never disappoint. If you are ready to stay hydrated while walking Times Square, working the New York Stock Exchange or just staying in your condo for the evening, with the industry’s best, contact us to learn more about water delivery in New York.

If you’re ready to begin receiving bottled water to NYC right to your doorstep, choose one of the following options below:

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