Answers in the Great Bottled Water Debate

Water – it’s the essence of life. We need eight glasses of it a day to maintain a healthy body, while also using it to bathe ourselves and clean countless other things. It is no surprise that we have a material so intrinsically important to life carried directly to our homes, but is receiving water from our faucets good enough? Over the past generation a lasting debate has begun regarding the benefits of bottled water. The major prevailing argument against buying bottles is that you’re already paying the water company; why not use the water you have already bought? If you are not aware of the facts, below is a short list of the benefits of bottled water.



Let’s assume you are preparing to leave for work, go to school, or meet up with a friend, but you are thirsty. If you are running late, there would not be enough time to fill up a glass with water and drink it. You could, however, quickly snatch a bottle from your refrigerator and enjoy the refreshing beverage on the go. Also, if you think you will be thirsty in the near future and you will not be around a trustworthy faucet, a bottle of water is perfectly portable.

Avoid Unusual Tastes or Odors

Several problems can occur with your water between the distribution plant, your home and finally your body. Primarily, your pipes may become corroded or dirty, and the filth that results can accumulate within water that passes through. Bottled water, however, is always clean, crisp, and clear, ensuring a safe and delicious drink every time you open another. Best of all, your favorite brands will always taste the same no matter where you go, which cannot be said for tap water.

Emergency Supplies

In the event of a hurricane, blizzard, or earthquake, you may find your pipes failing to function. If this occurs, you will need to have a supply of water handy in order to remain healthy. Packages of bottled water make for the perfect means of stashing large quantities of water in case of a sudden disaster. Several companies also offer bottled water delivery services, so you will not need to fight against other people at the grocery store when the announcement of a big storm hits the news. What greater reason could you have to rely on storable water than the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will be safe and protected in their time of need?