Calling Customer Service


What do you expect to hear when you call customer service? Sure, you may want to just be able to talk to a person about your problem and have the issue resolved within five minutes, but you’re probably expecting to shout “YES” OR “NO” and your account number to an automated message machine for 20 – 30 minutes before a person asks you to explain your problem, just before they transfer you to a different department where you are put on hold for another 15 minutes. We refer to cases like that as cases of customer neglect. Here at “The Water Guy”TM, you’ll be protected not neglected.

Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre

Our advanced customer service system starts with honest call answering with an emphasis on speed. Our full-time, highly trained staff competitively fight to minimize call waiting time. In December of 2016, average call wait time was only 35 seconds. If you still don’t want to wait that long or would simply prefer to communicate via email, our customer service mailbox ( is checked, regularly, throughout the day.

Of course, customer service goes beyond being pleasant on the phone. Our Route Salesmen are tasked with upholding the company name in every interaction during their long days across mile after mile of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York traffic. And, at each stop, it’s their job to deliver every bottle of water—and water is heavy!

Once you reach out to “The Water Guy”TM, our Customer Service representatives and Route Salesmen will make you feel welcome with a warm greeting. They might even walk you into some friendly chit chat! Our representatives are highly respected members of OUR team but they also play a role off the field, in our communities. Their children play sports with yours. They buy their groceries at the same place as you. The next time that you have a customer service representative asking you about your day, ask them about theirs… You might just make a new friend.

Customer service is going beyond phone calls and emails and we’re on top of the game. Connect with us over social media by find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

Your Lifestyle. Our Priority.

Ready to add case water to your next order? Looking for a friendly conversation? Call customer service at 1-800-924-6841 or email us ( for immediate help and (human) conversation.