Coffee Brewer Cleaning

coffee brewer cleaning

Every morning, you may find yourself standing in the crowded office kitchen while waiting to fill your cup with some freshly brewed coffee. But, have you ever wondered when the last time was that the very same brewer that just brewed your coffee was cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your coffee brewer weekly. Coffee brewer cleaning is critical to brewing great tasting coffee. Dirty brewers? Yeah, they’re only good for taking up space and disappointing you day in and day out.

By nature, coffee is a very oily substance and, over time, that oil accumulates inside your brewer. Accumulated oil builds residue that can cause a bad odor, or even worse clog the brewer filter and tubes. No one wants smelly coffee or a malfunctioning coffee brewer!

Why not use plain soap and water? Most common soaps are not capable of ridding your brewer of the coffee oils.

Well then, doesn’t vinegar do the job just right? While vinegar descales your coffee brewer, vinegar does not clean it. Descaling plays a valuable role but that role is not as a powerful cleaning solution. Use vinegar if you want coffee that smells and tastes like that potent vinegar we’ve all come to know and despise—especially when it’s in our coffee!

“The Water Guy” has several easy to use coffee brewer cleaning solutions that will ensure you experience the best tasting coffee possible.

The CleanCup is an easy and effective way to clean your single cup Keurig compatible brewer. Simply place the CleanCup in your single cup brewer, as if you are brewing a single cup, and then start the brewing cycle. From brew chamber to exit needle, your brewer will be cleaned. CleanCup is odorless and phosphate free.

Tabz is a concentrated cleaning tablet that simultaneously cleans both the brew basket and server. The concentrated cleaning tablet is placed directly into the brew basket. Then, after running a brew cycle, discard all of the cleaning solution. The tablet contains blue dye which insures proper rinsing.

C2311-BWCL12_main-01Squeak ‘n Clean
Squeak ‘n clean is a liquid cleaner formulated to prevent coffee oil build up, odors and stains in your coffee bowls and servers. Watch the blue liquid clean as it turns green when it comes in contact with coffee or tea residue. This product is non-toxic and leaves no after taste.

If you are unsure which coffee brewer cleaning option is right for you, contact one of our coffee specialist for help.