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“The Water Guy”™ tailors its home and office coffee delivery services to your unique needs. In addition to offering water, “The Water Guy”™ also provides various brewers, coffees, teas and the latest coffee accessories for coffee delivery service to keep your staff and guests upbeat. Whether you’re currently looking for a home or office coffee delivery service or already have one, we encourage you to experience the unique offerings of “The Water Guy”™ with our no-obligation trial. After you sign up for an office or home coffee service and have your preferred coffee maker installed, the only cost you will continue to incur is for coffee, tea and any additional accessories and supplies. You NEVER have to pay extra for coffee brewer service or equipment rentals. Once you have tried us, we hope you’ll agree that we offer the best office coffee service!
Coffee Equipmentsign up for coffee: We carry a variety of commercial coffee makers to suit the needs of different-sized offices with different brewing preferences. Choose from traditional coffee makers, glass bowl brewers, thermal carafe-style brewers and single-cup pod brewers for your coffee delivery service.
Selection of Coffee: We offer a choice selection of light, medium, and dark roasts for coffee delivery service from estates in Europe, South America, Columbia and other world locations that grow the finest coffee beans. Select from coffee packages by the cup from renowned brands like our own Signature Collection, Brooklyn Bean Roastery, the Original Donut Shop®, Wawa®, Starbucks® and more. Tea from Bigelow® and Lipton® is also available.
Coffee Accessories: In order for office workers to make coffee to their satisfaction, we offer a variety of creamers and sweeteners for office coffee delivery from the most trusted brands in the beverage industry. Solo cups, powdered creamer, tea, soup and coffee bowls are also available.

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