Coffee Accessories

coffee carafes with coffee accessoriesWith affordable, high quality coffee accessories delivered from trusted brands like Carnation®, Sweet’N Low® and Silo®, “The Water Guy”™ gives every company the opportunity to let employees personalize their cup of coffee or tea. Choose from a variety of coffee creamers, sweeteners and cups so employees can take full advantage of the service you have ordered. We also offer food and beverage accessories unrelated to coffee, such as soup packets and single-serve water sweeteners. Shop our coffee accessories.

coffee accessoriesCoffee Creamer
We offer a diverse selection of coffee creamers to satisfy the unique beverage preferences of your office employees. Choose from liquid and granulated creamers in dairy and non-dairy forms, all from trusted brands like Carnation® and Land-O-Lakes®.

Coffee Sweetener & Syrup
Some people prefer sweetener for even the finest brewed coffee, which is why we offer the best sugar and sugar-free sweeteners. Stock your office’s coffee area with real sugar and non-caloric sweeteners from Sweet’N Low®, Equal® and Splenda® to satisfy each employee’s unique palette or dietary requirements.

Coffee Cups, Lids, Glass and Carafe Accessories

white paper cupsIn the event that office members forget their favorite coffee mugs at home, be prepared with cups and lids from Silo®, the leader in disposable and recyclable coffee ware. Aside from satisfying the needs of office employees, these coffee accessories are great for times when clients and out-of-town colleagues visit your office. Glass coffee bowls, carafes and cleaning accessories are also available.

Other Accessories
Choose from a variety of Lipton® soups and Crystal Light® flavor sticks.


Other Essential Product line categories are available for your home or office. Placing one order with your water or coffee and receiving one delivery provide an added convenience.

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