Office Coffee Equipment

Commercial Coffee Equipment

“The Water Guy”™ provides companies with a variety of commercial coffee makers and equipment so employees can access a source of humble propulsion throughout the day. By providing office coffee makers of the highest quality, errors are reduced and employee satisfaction and productivity is maximized. Coffee is a common standard throughout the workplace and the “The Water Guy”™ keeps it that way.

Every commercial coffee maker below is available through “The Water Guy”™ coffee delivery service, which offers everything from free installation and service to free delivery of coffee from the finest estates.

Traditional Glass Bowl Brewer

In addition to quickly brewing a delicious roast, the glass bowl brewer can heat multiple pots of coffee at the same time. This is a great office coffee maker for a larger office because the number of hot plates allows multiple roasts, flavors, and types to be brewed at the same time.

coffee machine with glass coffee carafes

  • Makes 10 cups per brew
  • Stainless steel, commercial-grade brewer
  • Less than 4-minute brew time
  • Pour-over or plumbed-in water supply
  • Lighted switches
  • Brewer-ready light

Traditional Thermal Carafe-Style Brewer

This sleek and stylish commercial coffee maker is slightly different from our glass bowl brewer, in that it only accommodates one coffee pot. It also keeps coffee hot for a longer amount of time making it great for a smaller office.

silver coffee machine and coffee carafe

  • Makes 10 cups per brew
  • Less than 4-minute brew time
  • Coffee stays hot 4-6 hours
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Pour-over or plumbed-in water supply
  • Lighted switches
  • Brewer ready light
  • No burners to shut off
  • Wastes less coffee

Single Cup Brewers

Our single cup brewer provides employees, customers and guests in your home their very own personalized cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. The stylish, powerful and easy to use RealCup™ RC400 Brewer is compatible with single serve cups and K-Cup® products.

  • Pour-over or plumbed-in water supply
  • Large touch screen providing the ability to immediately start and stop brewing
  • Provides brew sizes of 4oz – 16oz
  • Brew by beverage type for coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • K-Cup® capsule compatible
  • Ultimate selection to meet everyone’s need of coffee and tea

To start brewing delicious coffee in your office, choose your preferred commercial coffee maker and view our different coffee roasts and flavors. If you need help selecting the right commercial coffee maker for your office, contact “The Water Guy”™ today.