“The Water Guy” hosted Congressman Ryan Costello at Birdsboro facility

IMG_6607Congressman Ryan Costello, representing the 6th district of Pennsylvania, visited “The Water Guy” corporate office and plant in Birdsboro, PA on Friday, March 11th.

Upon arrival to the Birdsboro facility, Costello met with the management team to briefly discuss topics that are currently affecting the bottled water industry. Next Congressman Ryan Costello toured the bottled water plant where he learned first-hand the manufacturing process of bottled water. Not only did Costello gain knowledge of the bottled water industry, but he also experienced the daily operations and best practices of “The Water Guy” that allow them to serve their customers.

IMG_6602The plant tour was followed by a meet and greet with “The Water Guy” employees where the congressman addressed current legislative concerns. Costello answered questions on Veterans affairs and balanced budget. With recent lead concerns in Flint, MI an employee asked Costello about how he felt the government should address the water quality standards. Costello mentioned different infrastructures in this country and how he felt that water infrastructure needs to be modernized. “I think that if you look at water infrastructure, there’s no short term band-aid that you may apply to the system,” said Costello.

During Costello’s visit to “The Water Guy” he made it very clear to all employees that it is his job to help them. If employees had any questions or problems with the social security administration, IRS or veteran affairs he instructed everyone to call his office to seek help.