Cookie Dough Marketing: The Custom Label Theory

custom-label-theoryLike ice cream, companies survive by standing out. Placing your branding on a water bottle creates a great product that is unique, useful, and affordable. Your custom label water bottles will become the handout of choice at your next industry event or the favorite corporate giveaway.

Vanilla ice cream isn’t bad but it sure doesn’t stand out quite like cookie dough ice cream. And, if cookie dough gets more attention, more people will try it and cookie dough ice cream will generate more sales.

A useful handout
Custom label water bottles are a useful item that makes an impact during any season. When conference or event attendees are talking with one another or walking around in the conference center they will become thirsty. Your custom label water bottle handout suddenly becomes incredible useful to potential customers who might have never considered you if you had not been holding water when they needed it! A bright and vibrant compelling label is sure to be seen by all attendees.

A Walking Billboard
Turn you brand into a walking billboard. If the person drinking your custom label water bottle is not interested in your product or service, he or she essentially turns into a walking advertisement. They may carry your labeled water bottle to a hotel, restaurant or another function, providing extended brand exposure.

A waterproof label from scratch
Create a one of a kind label to promote your brand. Work with our design team to create the perfect look to satisfy your marketing needs or provide your digital artwork. Your label will be produced of a high quality, waterproof material that will protect your message in ice buckets or the refrigerator.

A quick turnaround time
Once you decide on your next company giveaway, you want to get the project underway as soon as possible. Here at “The Water Guy”TM we provide that quick turnaround time which your company needs. Your custom label water bottles will be produced within 15 days of approving the artwork.

A variety of bottle sizes
Our custom label water bottles range in size from 8 ounces to 1 liter. We accept smaller order quantities (minimum order 20 cases), so there is no need to deal with wasted product. Work with one of our custom label specialist to help you determine the right size bottle and order quantity for your upcoming corporate event.

If you are considering custom label water bottles for your next event or corporate giveaway, contact one of our custom label specialists. They will be able to walk you through the process of label creation, ordering and delivery.