Distilled Water Uses


You may have heard about distilled water and its uses for medical equipment, humidifiers and automobiles. But you may be asking “what exactly is distilled water? What makes it different than other types of water out there?”


What is distilled water?

It is water that goes through a purification process called distillation, which replicates the earth’s natural hydrological cycle. The distillation process boils away impurities while capturing only H2O, resulting in water that is in its purest chemical form.


What is distilled water used for?

Distilled water has many more uses than just drinking water. In fact in can be used for just about anything.

  • Drinking Water – Distillation boils away the impurities making distilled water a very clean water to drink.
  • Automobiles – The same minerals in purified and spring water which are beneficial to our bodies can corrode internal engine parts. It is safe to use in cooling down engines and cleaning since it is free of these compounds. Distilled water is also commonly used to top off lead acid batteries often found in cars and trucks.
  • Laboratories – Distilled water does not contain other components that may affect an experiment.
  • Medical– Distilled water is preferred when cleaning medical equipment or performing a medical procedure because it does not contain minerals that will leave spotting.
  • Canning – Using distilled water in the canning of fruits and vegetables helps to maintain the color and taste. Distilled water can also prevent cloudiness that normally occurs when using other types of water.
  • Humidifiers – Using distilled water in humidifiers prevents mineral build up. Common humidifiers to use distilled water in are room humidifiers, piano humidifiers and Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) humidifiers.
  • Steam Irons – The use of distilled water in steam irons prevents mineral build up
  • Neti Pot – It is suggested that distilled water be used to dissolve the sinus mixture used in a Neti Pot.

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