Eliminating Sugary Drinks


Eliminating sugary drinks is one of the easiest and quickest ways to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. Not only does replacing your sugary drink with water save you calories but it also saves you from additional caffeine, sugar, artificial flavors and artificial colors. If you don’t think you can cut out all sugary drinks cold turkey try to make these small changes to start getting some big results.

  • Substitute one sugary drink per day with water, can save you around 1200 calories in one week.  This adds up to almost 15lbs of a weight in a year.
  • Take a look at all serving sizes on bottles, cans and to go cups to really understand how many calories you are consuming. A typical 20 oz. soda bottle actually contains 2.5 servings which ends up being somewhere around 240 calories. So reduce the portion sizes you are buying to help shed some extra calories.
  • Fill your sports drinks and sugary juices only half full and dilute the rest with water. You can still enjoy the sweetness but with only half of the guilt.
  • Plan some sugary drink breaks where you select a weekend or week where you go sugar drink free.