New Essential Products Released

essential productsAre you currently ordering products for your home or office from several different retailers? Or have you been looking for a way to have more products shipped directly to your home or office? “The Water Guy”™ recently introduced a new product line, Essential Products, to fill both of these needs.

Our essential products allow you to choose from a diversity of items other than water and coffee to be delivered directly to your door. The products in the Essentials Product line range from toilet tissue to other beverages like Gatorade, Coca Cola, POM, Silo and Carnation.

Essential Products provide the convenience of placing one order with one company and having one delivery. This allows for more productivity in the office by cutting back on the tracking of multiple orders, bills and deliveries.

“The Water Guy”™, a proven leader in the bottled water industry, has been committed to delivering bottled water products direct to your home or office. Our new Essential Products line adds to our commitment by providing more products for the betterment of your home or office life.

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