Evolution Series – Top Load Bottled Water Cooler


This top load bottled water cooler is sure to be a nice feature in your kitchen with its modern design, attractive finishes and easy maintenance. A higher dispensing point, almost 12 inches higher then normal top load coolers, provides optimal comfort when dispensing water. The LED indicator lights inform you of when the system is on and when the CrystalFlo needs replacing. The CrystalFlo System is easily removed and replaced for maximum water quality and protection.

k2 lights                         k2-dispense-point
LED indicator lights                           Larger dispensing point

      crystal-flo                                 energy-star
CrystalFlo Water Cartridge
                       Energy Star rated


14.1″(W) x 13.7″(D) x 41.4″(H)


  • Energy Star certified
  • Hot (165.2°- 197.6°F) and Cold thermostat (34.2°- 50°F)
  • Power saving mode
  • Higher dispensing point
  • Larger dispensing point for coffee pots and larger water bottles
  • Holds 3, 4 and 5 gallon water bottles
  • High gloss finish and modern design
  • Innovative 3 piece base for improved stability
  • 1 year limited warranty

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Initial Set-up Procedure Video: