Coffee Menu: Fractional Packs – Dark Roast

caffe milano Signature Collection – Caffe Milano
(1.75, 2.0 oz)

This full bodied 100% arabica bean coffee is a dark roast coffee that features the best of Central America, Java and East Africa.purchase now black
ellis 1895 Ellis – 1854 (2.5 oz)
Named in tribute to Ellis Coffee company’s founding year, Ellis Mezzaroma 1854 Roast coffee offers an intriguing blend of the finest Central and South American coffees roasted to a dark perfection.purchase now black
 starbucks verona Starbucks – Caffe Verona (2.5 oz)
A seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness.purchase now black
 wawa-dark Wawa – Dark Roast
(2.25 oz)
A complex blend of deep, rich, smoky flavor with hints of spice.
purchase now black