2016 Health Awareness Topics

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Water Leads to a Healthier You in 2016
Many New Year’s resolutions lead to living a healthier lifestyle, and a resolution to drink more water may be the quickest way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle.
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Simple Steps to a Lifetime of Dental Wellness
Youth is a time for development, and dental health is no exception to this rule.
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Are your kidneys ok?
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) afflicts 13% of all Americans and leads to Kidney Failure, the 9th most prominent killer of Americans.
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Is stress a problem in your life?
Over 60% of the American workforce is estimated to be struggling with chronic stress.
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Let’s Take Out “The Silent Killer”

Over 70 million Americans are dealing with hypertension, but, only 52% have their high blood pressure under control.

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Why Not Take That Exercise Outside?

There is minimum or maximum to the amount of physicality an outdoors workout can bring.

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UV Safety Month at “The Water Guy”

Learn how you can celebrate summer while becoming tan–not toasted.

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Training Hard and Drinking Up for Rio

Natasha Hastings, USA Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist, has quite a few wellness habits. Her number one habit: “staying hydrated.”

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National Childhood Obesity Month

As naturally energetic as children are, it may be amazing that any American child is obese. Yet, nearly 1 in 5 American kids (17%) are obese.

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Depression Awareness Month

Unlike most illnesses, depression takes hold of patients in a slow, creeping manner such that patients may not realize that they are sick until the disease has taken full control of their lives.

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american diabetes month


National American Diabetes Month

Did you know that nearly 30 million Americans in this country have some form of diabetes? Of those that do, more than eight million Americans are undiagnosed and unaware that they have the condition.

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