Hospitality in the Workplace – How to Improve your Company Image

If you’re the owner or manager of a business, then you are already aware that making a good impression on customers, other business owners, and even employees is of the upmost importance. You might have the sales and business finesse required to get the job done, but are you a pleasant person to work with?

Researchers have proven that CEOs of major businesses tend to seal more deals when their employees and potential partners believe they are gregarious and giving. Here are a few tips that can assist you in becoming a more enjoyable boss and business associate in the office.

Show Your Face
Too many men and women who get into a highly regarded position in a business tend to forget the hundreds or thousands of faces that work for them. Completely overlooking the interests and desires of your workforce is the fastest way to become resented and eventually disliked. To improve your image around the office, take some time every day to converse with employees in various departments. The more time you spend mingling, the more you’ll be appreciated. In turn, you’ll find the reputation of your business soaring.

Make Amenities Available
Whether it’s for the comfort of your employees, appealing to fellow CEOs, or showing customers you care, ensuring that you have the latest amenities available goes a long way in proving that you are a pleasant person to work with. It demonstrates that you take the wellbeing and interest of others seriously – a key factor in establishing business relations. Examples include providing a decent environmental control system or improved restrooms. A water cooler delivery program could also help keep fresh beverages in every section of your office, providing visitors with a means to remain both happy and hydrated.

Do you have any tips to help improve your image as a CEO? Are there any practices you’ve invented to make employees or potential partners more willing to work with you