How Water Quality Affects Coffee Taste

water quality affects coffee tasteWater can transform the character and taste of your coffee. If you cannot figure out why your coffee is not up to café standards, your water might be worth investigating. Water makes up 98-99% of coffee, while the remaining 1-2% is brew solids that are extracted from the ground coffee.

Water plays a significant role in the taste of coffee. Water can accentuate the coffee’s acidity or wipe it out entirely. It can also change the extraction of the coffee and increase or decrease the body.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) water brewing guidelines state that water should be clean, odor-free and contain no chlorine to obtain superior quality extraction of coffee solids.

sign up for coffeeMunicipal water may vary in quality and taste. To achieve consistently great tasting coffee, the municipal water should be controlled by a filter. All “The Water Guy” plumbed-in automatic coffee brewers come with a filter so that only clean, odor-free, non-chlorinated water enters the coffee brewer.

If you are brewing coffee at home or in your office with a pour over coffee brewer, the water used should be of a food grade and be fresh and clean. “The Water Guy” bottled spring water is not only great for the taste but also comes in a variety of food grade sizes that work for your pour over coffee brewer. Try our 1 gallon or 3 liter bottles, available in cases of 6, for easy pouring directly into the brewer; or you can tap water out of our 5, 4 or 3-gallon spring bottles into a pitcher for easier pouring.

In the quest for brewing a great cup of coffee, a commercial grade coffee brewer, high quality coffee grounds and the water used to make the coffee are all things to take into consideration. “The Water Guy” can help with brewing great coffee; contact one of our Coffee Specialist for help. After all no one wants to drink a bad cup of coffee. Happy coffee drinking!