Our Partners in Promoting Hydration

Drink Up CampaignDrink Up Campaign
“The Water Guy”™ is a proud supporter of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up Campaign, encouraging everyone to drink more water. You are what you drink – and when you drink water, you drink up.

Share your best #H2OfCourse moment. #H2OfCourse is a friendly reminder of all the good that water can do.

Bottled Water Matters CampaignBottled Water Matters
“The Water Guy”™ is a proud supporter of Bottled Water Matters, who promote bottled water as a safe, healthy, environmentally-conscious, necessary and all-around great beverage choice.

hydration for health campaign imageHydration for Health
“The Water Guy”™ is a proud supporter of Hydration for Health, who believes drinking water is the healthiest way to hydrate. Hydration for Health raises awareness of healthy hydration and encourages sustainable healthy hydration habits. Their expert working group meet regularly to discuss the importance of health hydration and to develop strategies to encourage the others to adopt healthier hydration practices.