I want to be recycled


Imagine one day the bottle of water you’re drinking becoming a park bench you sit on to watch your kids play or a back deck where you grill and enjoy dinner with your family and friends. These possibilities can become a reality if more Americans take time to recycle. Recycling requires little effort for such a long-term reward. In fact, these four easy steps will help you become a recycling champion in your community and place of employment.

  1. Remove the cap.
  2. Flatten the bottle. (Flattening the bottle takes up less space in your recycling bin and recycling trucks.)
  3. Recap the bottle.
  4. Toss the flattened bottle in your recycling bin or take it to the local recycling drop off center.

Recycling_PosterNearly two in three Americans do not recycle regularly. A public service advertising campaign introduced by the Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful aims to inspire Americans to make recycling a part of their daily lives.

Do your part for the environment by following these tips for daily recycling:

  • Place multiple recycling bins around your home at strategic locations where recycling would occur. Common locations are outside your backdoor, kitchen or garage.
  • Are you having a party or get together? Do not make your guests guess where to put their empty bottles. Mark separate bins for trash and recyclables.
  • Encourage others to recycle.
  • Stash a plastic bag in your car to collect recyclables. Once the bag is full, empty it in a recycling bin at your house or rest area.
  • Advocate for recycling bins at your job. Assemble a team and make a recycling plan. You can then advertise your recycling efforts to increase your company image.
  • When in public, recycle your plastics in stadium or park recycling bins.
  • Buy recycled products. If you are in the market for new furniture or clothing, look for products made from recycled plastics.
  • Get creative and find new uses for your bottles. Think… planters, lights and art storage.

By following these plastic bottle recycling steps and daily recycling tips, your bottle will continue its journey into becoming another product for you to use. After the plastic is recycled, it begins its transition to another product by being sorted, baled and sent to a reclaiming facility. Once at the reclaiming facility, all the plastics are cleaned, washed and ground into flakes. The flakes are then dried, melted, filtered and formed into pellets. Next, these pellets are sent to manufacturers to be heated into new products such as fiber for clothing or carpets, decking, playground equipment, toys and car parts.

Become a recycling champion by recycling daily. Help spread the word that plastics can have another life if recycled.