Cool off! Put your favorite coffees on ice.

Glasses of iced milk coffee on light backgroundThe hot days of summer are rolling in, and a hot cup of coffee just might not do the trick anymore. Have you considered an iced coffee as a refreshing change from the usual? Single cup coffees can be blended and brewed to provide the perfect flavor when chilled.

Here are a few quick and simple steps to brew the perfect iced coffee in your single cup Keurig® compatible K-Cup brewer.

  1. Fill a plastic cup with ice. (If you use a glass cup brewing from hot to cold will break the glass.)
  2. Select your single cup Keurig® compatible K-Cup of your choice.
  3. Place your glass on the brewer and select the lowest oz brew setting on your brewer. 4 oz or 6 oz brew setting is ideal.
  4. Press your brew button.
  5. Add creamer and sugar to taste.

Note: To make your iced coffee slushy place a cup of ice in a blender for a few pulses before brewing.

Donut Shop - Orginal RoastIced Coffee “Upgrades”

  • Ensure strong coffee with coffee ice cubes
  • Sweeten it with chocolate ice cubes
  • Refresh it with mint ice cubes
  • Spice it up with cinnamon
  • Add coconut water to fill it with electrolytes
  • Give it fizz by adding a splash of sparkling water

Now not even the hot weather can keep you from getting a caffeine fix. For more information about our home and office coffee delivery service contact us.