The Importance Of Water For Kids Health

Water intake is especially important for kids, particularly before a sports game or practice. Learn about why water is a better choice than others, along with tips for kids to drink more water and a list of hydrating foods below:

cartoon boy and girl playing soccer
Hydrating For Your Game
Whether playing a game of tag or a school sport, it is vital to drink water before, during and after to ensure you are on top of your game.
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Thiyoung girl in yellow shirt smiling while drinking water from a glassnk Before You Drink
All living things need water to survive. All beverages help with hydration by providing some water but certain choices are better than others.
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cartoon of child eating healthy foods at the tableTips for Kids to Drink More Water
Here are some tips that may help kids drink more water throughout your day.
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young boys in white button-up shirts drinking water

School Lunches that Lead to Success
Here are some tips on educating children on healthy lunch options and ideas on healthy packed lunches.
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healthy hydrating foods image10 Hydrating Foods
It may surprise you that your body does not only get water from drinking. A lot of food contains water.
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