“The Water Guy” Obtains Kosher Certification

Star-K_logo“The Water Guy”™ a Pennsylvania based bottled water delivery company recently received Kosher certification. In order to achieve certification, all the ingredients and the process of preparing the bottled water for consumers must be Kosher compliant. ‘The Water Guy”™ spring, distilled and purified enhanced bottled water met all the criteria required by a Kosher certified agency to achieve Kosher certification under the pareve category.

Kosher is the fastest growing segment in the food industry as large diverse communities are adopting Kosher compliance.

  • Health conscious consumers use Kosher compliance as a standard of quality.
  • Consumers with dietary restrictions (lactose intolerant, celiac, gluten restricted diets) turn to Kosher products because the labels are easily identifiable.
  • American Muslims use Kosher for meeting their dietary laws.
  • Vegans use Kosher under the pareve category since it does not contain meat or dairy.

‘The Water Guy”™ is proud to join over 240,000 companies that carry over 400,000 Kosher products.