Wawa Coffee Now Delivered Directly to Your Door


Over 195 million cups of Wawa coffee are sold each year. Treat your customers and employees with something special; the Wawa coffee they know and love from Wawa. “The Water Guy” can now deliver Wawa coffee direct to your door.

Wawa’s great tasting blends are pre-ground and pre-measured for freshness that gives you the perfect tasting cup of coffee every time. Explore our Wawa coffee blends below.



Wawa – Original (2.0 oz)
Wawa’s classic original blend is mild and mellow with a touch of sweetness.

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wawa-decafWawa – Decaf (2.0 oz)
A classic blend that’s light and mild with a sweet clean flavor.

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wawa-darkWawa – Dark Roast (2.25 oz)
A complex blend of deep, rich, smoky flavor with hints of spice.

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