Our Commitment to You…

In business for over 25 years, “The Water Guy”TM continues to grow by focusing our attention on serving our customers and gauging our success on their loyalty. Our commitment to you as a customer is to provide you the highest quality products with exceptional customer service in order to ensure a long-term relationship.

IMG_7385Owning the entire manufacturing process from the mountainous springs the water is extracted from, to the trucks that deliver water directly to your door, we ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.

As a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) our bottled water and treatment facilities are subject to rigorous inspections, and in fact we have earned the prestigious Manufacturing in Excellence Award three years in a row. The IBWA also requires its members to follow FDA regulations to assure consumers that the bottled water they are drinking is heavily regulated and stringently tested for high quality.

Customer Service
IMG_7370Our customers are number one. As a company we are committed to serving our customers. Accessible via several mediums of communication, our dedicated team of customer service and sales representatives are prepared to assist you quickly. In fact, our average call wait time is only 38 seconds.

We do our best to serve our customers promptly. Our Customer Service team works closely with the Logistics and Scheduling Department to try and schedule same day or next day delivery for 80% of our special order deliveries.

With a continued focus on sustainability, “The Water Guy”™ has undergone several changes and updated many procedures over the years. Some of our sustainability efforts include a 100% plastic and cardboard recycling program, paperless movement, ground water stewardship, water conservation and route realignments. Learn more about all of our sustainability efforts.

In 2014, we earned the International Bottled Water Association’s “National Environmental Stewardship Award.” This prestigious award recognizes member companies who have excelled in creating and implementing sustainable environmental projects and conservation measures.

IMG_2002Safety is a top priority not only for our employees but for our customers as well. A new requirement for all of our Route Salesmen in 2016 will be to wear identification badges, clearly stating their name and picture, so you know who is entering your home or office.

Our company has set in place a good maintenance program that has equipped our trucks with several features to guarantee safety. Some of these features include back up camera, daytime running lights, reflective tape, ABS brakes and hood mounted mirrors. An established safe driving program provides Route Salesmen a bonus at the end of the year if they have had no speeding tickets or accidents at work or on their personal driving record.

Hiring & Developing Quality People to Support You
As our customer you expect nothing but the best! We commit ourselves to hiring and developing quality employees to support you and your needs. All of our employees are required to pass background checks as well as physicals. Prior to hiring, an employee’s personal driving record is reviewed if the employee will be driving for the company.

Employees go through extensive hands-on training as well as general company knowledge training. New Route Salesmen spend several days out on the road with current drivers learning the ins and outs of our delivery processes to ensure efficiency on the road. New Customer Service Representatives spend days shadowing current Customer Service Representatives learning how to handle calls and working with Logistics to provide our customers the fastest service possible.


Do you love our service? The nicest compliment you as our customer can provide us is a referral of a friend or family member. If you fill out our referral form and your referral becomes a customer we will thank you with a $50 credit to your account.