Paper Products

Providing pure convenience “The Water Guy”™ offers a selection of paper products that are delivered with your water and coffee delivery. Choose from:

Drinking Cups
Choose from a variety of paper, plastic and styrofoam cups great for everyday use with your bottled water cooler, filtration system or coffee brewer. Each cup provides the right amount for a quick drink of water. white paper cone, white styrofoam cup, plastic cup, paper coffee cup

  • 7 oz plastic flat cup
  • 4.5 oz paper cone cups
  • 8, 10 or 12 oz styrofoam cups
  • 8, 10 or 12 oz styrofoam cup lids
  • 10 oz hot paper cups
  • 10 oz dome lids

Toilet Tissue
Providing a great value for your business or home. Each roll of toilet tissue contains 450 2-ply sheets, giving you 3 times more sheets per roll.  Each case of POM Toilet Tissue contains 45 rolls equivalent to 158 regular rolls. Each roll is individually wrapped for storage in several bathrooms.

Paper Towels
POM Paper Towels offer a balance of quality and value for your everyday needs–from hand drying or glass cleaning to light spill clean ups. With 85 full sized sheets per roll, they are perfect for both business and home use. There is 30 BIG rolls per case, the equivalent of 42 regular sized rolls. Each roll is individually wrapped for improved storage.

Paper Plates
Bakers & Chef Paper Plates offers convenience for everyday use or your next party. Each case contains 600 9″ grease resistant, microwave safe, heavy duty paper plates. Providing 70% heavier paper than an economy plate it provides the reliability and convenient you expect in a paper plate.

plastic utensilsPlastic Cutlery
Are you looking for sturdy, heavyweight utensils for your next large or small gathering? Daily Chef 360 count forks, spoons and knifes are perfect for heavier foods. The plastic cutlery is available in clear.


*Please note: All paper products must be ordered at least 48 hours before your delivery day.


Other Essential Product line categories are available for your home or office. Placing one order with your water or coffee and receiving one delivery provide an added convenience.

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