Coffee Menu: Single Cup – Dark Roast

DS-dark-roast-2.0 Donut Shop – Original Dark
Offers a bold cup and full body that balances smoky notes with smooth flavor.
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martinson-dark-roast-2.0 Martinson – Dark Roast
A robust, full bodied roast for every coffee lover that enjoys a mind massaging experience.
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torani_Italian_Roast Torani – Italian Roast
With inspiration coming straight from Torani’s Italian roots, each sip reveals hints of toasted nut and dark chocolate.
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martinson-freroast-2.0 Martinson – French Roast
Made of 100% Arabica beans, this french roast is a bold, dark roast that provides eye-opening flavor and a smoky finish.
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marley-coffee-buffalo-soldier Marley Coffee – Buffalo Solider
Named after the famous Bob Marley song, it contains chocolate and berry undertones leaving a rich finish.
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SG_Americano SkinnyGirl – Americano
Inspired by the espresso-based drink, this blend offers a little kick with a full body.
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GF_Redwood Guy Fieri – Redwood Roast
Big, bold flavors coming to you straight from FlavortownTM.
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 verona-estore Starbucks – Verona
A blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian roast leading depth, soul and sweetness.
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