Coffee Menu: Single Cup – Medium Roast

DS-orginal-roast-2.0 Donut Shop – Original Roast
Bringing back the donut companion with this ideally balanced brew.purchase now black
DS-decaf-2.0 Donut Shop – Decaf
Remember the good ol’ days (but don’t stay up all night doing it) with this sweet, full-bodied all-American classic.
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martinson-house-blend-2.0 Martinson – House Blend
An everyday favorite containing rich, toasty caramel notes with a good balanced flavor.
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BrownGold100-columbian-2.0 Brown Gold – 100% Colombian
A full bodied roast with hints of caramel and vanilla that exerts a bold finish.
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martinson-kona-2.0 Martinson – Kona
Extra bold yet remarkably balanced with a sweet, smooth island flavor you will enjoy sip after sip.
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SG_HalfCaff SkinnyGirl – Half Caff
Naturally flavored with zero calories, this rich smooth blend provides a delicious cup with half the caffeine kick.
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GF_Diner_Blend Guy Fieri – American Diner Blend
One thing you know about a diner is that they’ve got a great cup o’ joe… so here you go!
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GF_Unleaded_Decaf Guy Fieri – Unleaded Decaf
Full of rich medium roast flavor, just packin’ a little less horse power.
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pike-place-estore Starbucks – Pike Place
This variety features herbal and sweet maple notes that give this medium roast coffee its flavor profile.
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pikes-place-decaf-estore Starbucks – Pike’s Place Decaf
This blend invigorates your taste buds with a smooth finish and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts, without the caffeine.
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