Single Cup Sanity


It feels great to wake up alone–unsure of how long you’ll have to wait before being able to coddle a warm cup of coffee. Is coffee on your mind, yet? Perhaps, I should ask in five minutes since you just hit snooze for the third time. Your breakfast already went from scrambled eggs to last night’s left-overs, but 7 more minutes shouldn’t hurt anything. Now, go! Matching outfit? Clean shirt and clean pants is close enough. And hair is… well you’ll just say that you let your 5 year old do your hair today. But you’re out now, on your way like a caffeinated tiger because time is… well… a concern. And if you weren’t running late before, this 20 minute wait in the drive-through just solidified things. Your appearance has you qualified to be featured on a “wet floor” sign and your boss is ready to advertise for your position, but you got 16 ounces of coffee at the price of 2-3 gallons of gas which makes the whole ordeal worth it, right?

Donut Shop - Orginal RoastDon’t wake up alone; wake up to a countdown that ends with gourmet coffee in your favorite mug before you get a chance to hit snooze again. Single-cup brewers work like this: turn on the machine, select a coffee, insert cartridge, and press start. In less than a minute, enjoy Donut Shop®, Martinson®, Guy Fieri®, Torani®, or even Brooklyn Bean Roasters®. It’s simple, fast, and immediately rewarding. Single-cup brewers allow professionals on the move to get that one serving of coffee you really want, no matter what blend or flavor they are craving in that moment. Here, at “The Water Guy,” we prefer freshness which is why our office is equipped with the RealCup™ RC400 Brewer.

Feeling nervous about committing to a new style of brewer? Don’t be. Buying a single-cup package plan through “The Water Guy” qualifies your home or business to receive a free brewer rental. We’ll even deliver all of it directly to you. But, if you’re already buying water from us, delivery of coffee will come with your existing water delivery. No waiting in a drive-through. No waiting for 12 cups to brew when you just want to fill your mug. No waiting at the grocery store, because we will deliver to you.

Check out our Budget Brews for limited time discounts or contact us to learn how you may qualify for $15 off your first coffee order.