SmartFlo SF-1 & CrystalFlo Water Cartridge

SmartFlo SF-1SmartFlo
The SmartFlo SF-1 is a water cartridge that replaces all water contact parts in less than a minute. Once you have removed the old SmartFlo SF-1 from the cooler a new one is inserted into its place providing 100% sanitation. Providing a completely closed system allows no air to come into contact with the water reservoir. It is recommended the SmartFlo SF-1 is changed every 12 months.

  • 100% sanitation
  • Faster sanitation
  • Complete reservoir system
  • All surfaces with water contact are replaced

Smart-Flo Replacement Procedure Video:

The CrystalFlo is the most convenient and efficient way to sanitize your water dispenser. The removal and replacement process can be doneĀ  in less than 30 seconds. All water contact points are replaced which ensures that 100% sanitation is achieved every time. The CrystalFlo gives you the option of cleaning and sanitizing on site, which reduces equipment handling and extends the life of the water cooler.

  • 100% sanitation
  • Faster replacement process
  • Provides sanitation on site