Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Your Office Coffee Service

A good office coffee service can be a lifesaver. If you work in an office, you know that coffee is what keeps everyone going, not just in the morning but throughout the day. And quality coffee is a small thing that can go a long way towards making employees feel appreciated and improving morale around the workplace. When you’re selecting a coffee service, though, the sheer number of options may seem overwhelming.


Here is a sample of just a few things you might need to think about:

  • Pots or single cups? It wasn’t that many years ago that a single burner coffee maker was the only option available from an office coffee service. Getting the last cup after a pot had been sitting out for a few hours was always an unpleasant experience, and deciding who was going to make the next pot could turn into an office-wide standoff! Recently, single-serve brewers have become popular in many workplaces. This style of coffee maker has several advantages. First, every cup is a fresh cup—no more choking down the dregs from the bottom of the pot. The power struggle over who should make the next pot will also be a thing of the past; everyone makes their own cup. And finally, coffee breaks can be a time for employees to express their individuality: single cup (compatible with Keurig® original K-Cup), Tassimo, pods and packets are available in decaf as well as different flavors of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • How do you take it? “Regular” coffee has different meanings in different cities, but wherever your office is, you can be sure that everyone has their own individual way of drinking their coffee. Light and sweet, extra soy milk, half and half and sugar, skim milk and Splenda… there are almost as many ways to drink coffee as there are coffee drinkers! Make sure your office coffee service will offer a wide variety of creamers and sweeteners to meet every preference.
  • Tea time? It may be hard to believe for those of us who are hardcore java drinkers, but not everybody likes coffee. Some prefer tea or other hot beverages, and there are bound to be a couple of these people in your workplace. You’ll want to make sure to select an office coffee service that can accommodate tea drinkers.

Consider doing a brief survey of employees to understand everyone’s preferences so you can choose an office coffee service that will make everyone happy.