Think Before You Drink

young girl in yellow shirt smiling while drinking water from a glassWhat do you, grass and dogs have in common? You all need water to survive. Your body has a lot of important jobs that it needs water to perform. Without water your body would stop working properly. For example your blood needs water to carry oxygen to the cells in your body.

To stay hydrated you need to replace the water you lose through breathing, sweating and peeing. Although all beverages help with hydration by providing some water, certain choices are better than others. Choosing the wrong drinks can make you feel tired, grouchy or even sick. So when you have the urge to grab a drink full of sugar and artificial flavors, remember that you want to be at your sharpest, fastest and healthiest to take on your day! Opt for a bottled water delivery service to keep water bottles on hand at all times as opposed to sugary, calorie-filled drinks.