Three Reasons You Need A Custom Label Water Bottle-and How to Do It Right

Tired of traditional generic water bottles that are less than appealing to look at? Enhance your water bottle’s appearance and make them work to your advantage with a custom label water bottle from “The Water Guy”TM! We offer customers the opportunity to submit custom designs, logos and text to be featured on bottles through our Custom Label Program.  Custom labels more than just enhance the appearance of your water bottles, they serve in new practical capacities as well. Interested in learning more? The following are “The Water Guy’s”TM top three reasons for investing in a custom label water bottle, with tips on how to create your perfect label.

Brandingwater bottles

If your company frequently stocks generic water bottles in the office, meeting rooms  or during travel, you are missing out on a prime opportunity to boost your branding. Utilize this untapped prime real estate to proudly market your product on a custom label water bottle! Advertising your product on a water bottle label provides the benefit of mobile marketing (let your employees and customers continue to advertise your product wherever they go) and is also cost-effective and simple.  Order your custom labels in bulk and benefit from great savings. Custom labels for water bottles don’t require complex marketing meetings or contracts; “The Water Guy”TM can handle every aspect of design and the order itself.

Celebrate a Friend or Family Member

Give your next special occasion a personal touch with a custom label water bottle. Add a couple’s engagement photo for water bottles to be available at a wedding reception, or personalize the water bottles at a friend’s baby shower with the baby’s name or shower color scheme. Or, if the décor at any of your themed parties needs an extra element to increase theme continuity and enhance aesthetic, custom labels can contribute that subtle, yet practical addition you are looking for. Custom label water bottles are the perfect way to add a colorful, fun and most importantly thoughtful addition to a celebration without going overboard on expensive decorations.

Make Water “Cool”

Custom labels can even be an effective method of encouraging individuals to drink more water. Order bottles with fun, seasonal images or a catchy phrase and bring to a classroom event, sports practice, or birthday party to appeal to kids who are reluctant to choose water. Even gyms and healthcare centers can use unique labels to encourage patrons to drink more water.  Companies can also make water cool by using labels to announce fun facts about their company, or more directly promote a healthful message with facts about the benefits of drinking water.

Top Tips for Label Design

Now that you know the advantages of water bottles with custom labels, how can you ensure your label will deliver? Consider the following design tips:

  • Make a statement. The effectiveness of your branding depends on clear, concise communication. Make your company logo and name visible, state the key service or message in simple language in strong type, and be sure your company’s contact information is present on your label as well.
  • Be intentional with color. Choose a color that pops, but is also consistent with your product or branding. If your primary product is sold with an orange label, make sure orange appears somewhere on your custom label. Whether in the form of text color or background color, you will want to project a coherency in company product through color.
  • Keep it relatively simple. At “The Water Guy”TM, we are happy to accommodate any label design. However, graphics that are overly intricate or too complex often obscure a company’s message.
  • Font matters. Select a font that is both indicative of the product or service you offer, but still easy to read from a distance.

At “The Water Guy”TM, we make it simple for customers to create the custom label water bottles they are looking for. Just email our team the design you have in mind and we will contact you shortly to set up your order. If your label design is not digital, no worries. Mail in your artwork and we’ll take it from there. “The Water Guy”TM also offers customers the option to choose from three bottle sizes: 12, 16.9, and 24 oz., with either a flat cap or sports cap. You can choose between purified and spring water. Further, we guarantee your custom label water bottles will be delivered just fifteen days after artwork approval. Contact “The Water Guy”TM today!