Tips for Kids to Drink More Water

Since water is so important in making your body function, you may be wondering if you are drinking enough. There is no set amount of water that a kid should be drinking every day. You should definitely be drinking when you are thirsty, but also when it is warm out or you are playing a sport. Here are some tips that may help you drink more water throughout your day:

  • cartoon of child eating healthy foods at the tableKeep your water cold
  • Drink water during breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fill your favorite cup with water
  • Use a silly colored straw to drink your water
  • Place fun shaped or colored ice cubes into your water cup
  • Squeeze fresh fruit (like lemons, strawberries and cucumbers) into your water for flavor
  • If you are going to play a sport, do not forget to take your favorite water bottle full of water with you
  • Choose a bottled water delivery service to keep water around for easy access
  • Make drinking water fun! Set an amount of water you want to drink in a day. Then place a sticker on a chart for every glass of water you drink.

Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins explains why Engine Nine needs to drink more water: