Tips To Drink More Water

Even knowing the many benefits of drinking water —increased fat burning, healthier skin, more energy, better digestion, fewer cravings—does not necessarily make it any easier to meet your daily quota. Here are some tips on how you can increase your daily intake of water.

young woman in yellow shirt smiling drinking water through green strawAdd Natural Flavor
Try adding fruits, vegetables and herbs to add more taste to your water. You can amp up the flavor by adding the flavor to the water and placing it in the fridge for a few hours before consuming.

Use a Straw
Using a straw allows you to drink more water quicker.

Add Drinking Water to an Existing Regimen
Adding drinking water to an existing regimen will help you remember to drink up. Try drinking water after you brush your teeth in the morning or before you eat lunch. Consider investing in home water delivery to ensure fresh water is always at hand.

Set a Goal for the Day
Setting a goal for the day gives you something to work towards. Your goal may be as little as replacing one soda with water or making it a point to always order water when you eat out.

Create a Custom Water Bottle with Deadlines
Design a water bottle with lines and marked times so you know how much you want to drink every couple of hours.

Lobby for a Water Cooler in your Office
Ask for a water cooler to be placed in your office in close proximity to your workspace. You may be more likely to grab more water if it is readily available.

Keep Water Close
Keep your cup or water bottle in close proximity to you. If you work at a desk, keep the water on your desk so you see it often. If you are going out to run errands throw a bottle of water in your bag or car.

Use your Phone
There are apps available for your phone that helps you drink more water and help you track your daily intake. We recommend Waterlogged for the iPhone and Water Your Body for the Android. If you are not an app person, try setting reminder alerts in your phone as to when to go to the water cooler for a refill.