Bottled Water Cooler Services

black bottled water coolor with hot and cold waterFind the best water coolers for your office or home here at “The Water Guy”™. Our commercial grade bottled water coolers are available in hot/cold or cook/cold in several colors and styles. Hot/cold water coolers for the office and home dispense hot water, perfect for hot beverages and cold refreshing water. Cook/Cold coolers dispense room temperature water for cooking, and cold water. We offer the following benefits when you enlist our bottled water cooler services:

Classic Series

A Classic Series home and office water cooler is available with hot and cold spigots or cook and cold spigots. These water coolers are available in black or white. Click on the water cooler’s image for more information.

classic Black Hot and Cold Bottled Water Dispensers Imageclassic black cook and cold water coolerclassic counter hot and cold water cooler

Inspiration Series

Our Inspiration Series features an energy efficient home and office water cooler with sleek steel sides and a black front. The hot and cold self-closing spigots allow for easy hands-free pouring. Click on the cooler’s image for more information.

inspiration stainless & black water coolerinspiration counter top stainless & black counter top water coolerinspiration series stainless bottom-load black hot and cold water cooler

Evolution Series

The Evolution Series features an easy to remove reservoir system for the ultimate level of sanitation. The LED indicator light informs you when the filter needs to be replaced. This series includes a bottom load water cooler that makes changing your bottle convenient. Click on the cooler’s image for more information.

evolution black bottom load hot and cold water coolertop-load-outside
*The Evolution Series features the SmartFlo & CrystalFlo system.

Crock & Oak Stand

A crock dispenses room temperature water from 3 or 5 gallon bottles. No electricity is required. It is available in crock only, crock with counter top stand or crock with floor stand. Click on the cooler’s image for more information.

crock wooden floor stand for water coolercrock wooden counter top for water cooler

Water Coolers for Purchase

“The Water Guy”™ bottled water coolers are designed and manufactured meeting commercial specifications to provide many years of trouble-free performance. Unlike most retail store bottled water coolers, “The Water Guy”™ home and office coolers are built to last, have dependable manufacturer warranties and keep up with the demands of all homes and workplaces. During the order process,>, select the bottled water cooler of your choice from our purchase options.