What to Consider When Choosing a Bottled Water Delivery Company?

With the United States facing high rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, drinking water to stay healthy is more important than ever. Bottled water delivery service provides you, your family, or your employees a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. There are several things a consumer should consider when choosing a bottled water delivery company. At “The Water Guy”TM we know this better than anyone and have provided you with what we consider are the hallmarks.

  1. cut-out-truckOffers flexible plans – Just because you want bottled water delivery service does not mean you need to commit to a set number of bottles to be delivered. In fact, many people will find their water use varies depending on their current situation. An extra child home from college, a party or a change to warmer weather can impact water use in your home or office. The best bottled water delivery companies offer flexible plans that enable you to switch the number of bottles or cases from one delivery to the next. They provide ultimate flexibility not only in bottled water product, but also bottled water coolers, by providing the option to rent, purchase or provide your own.
  2. Dedication to product quality – Full transparency of the bottled water’s treatment process allows you to remain hydrated with a peace of mind. “The Water Guy”TM believes everyone should know where the water they are drinking comes from. It is important to note if the bottled water delivery service you are considering is a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). As a member of the IBWA, companies are subjected to rigorous inspections, as well as, required to follow FDA regulations to assure consumers that the bottled water they are drinking is heavily regulated and tested for the highest quality.
  3. Reliable Customer Service – Everyone is busy and the last thing you want to do is worry about your bottled water delivery service. Find a company that has reliable customer service and able to respond promptly to your hydration needs. As a customer you should know when and what to expect during your delivery.

At “The Water Guy”TM we don’t go about business as usual, we take pride in how and what we deliver to meet the needs of your home and office. If the bottled water delivery company you are looking at fulfills these hallmarks, you will be happy with them fulfilling your bottled water needs. What else do you look for in a bottled water delivery service?