Who We Are

“The Water Guy”®, a brand of Shinn Spring Water Company, was founded in 1990 by brothers Bryan and Douglas Shinn. Today they are still very much involved in the company’s day to day operations.

Since its founding, “The Water Guy® has proven to be a leader in the bottled water industry and has excelled to become the largest American family owned spring water company in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“The Water Guy”® provides home and office delivery (HOD) bottled water products to residential, commercial and wholesale customers as well as filtration water coolers, and office coffee service.

Shinn Spring Water has one of the area’s most technologically advanced and fully automated facilities integrating new high speed modern bottling equipment, upgraded electronic processes and quality controls, enhanced QA inspection, robotic material handling and a state of the art onsite QA laboratory.

As an IBWA Bottling Member, “The Water Guy”® has earned the IBWA’s prestigious “Excellence in Manufacturing” award and continues to improve its facility’s operations each year.

Dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority at “The Water Guy”® , as well as, providing the highest quality products and service available to the HOD industry in the company’s serving area. Brand success is determined and supported by unsurpassed customer loyalty that is second to none.